Chilly and Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature seasonably chilly temperatures and unsettled weather as yesterday morning’s storm doesn’t have enough “room” in the Atlantic to get fully out of our way. It’s currently stuck spinning near the Quebec/New Brunswick border and will keep cool air and unsettled weather in the mix for us today. Skies this morning are overcast in the mountains thanks to upslope flow and partly to mostly cloudy along the coast as residual moisture sticks around despite the drying influence of downsloping.

As we start to get a little more daytime heating in the next couple hours, low clouds may briefly mix out along the coast to allow for a period of sunshine. However, once we add a little more heat to the surface, instability-driven clouds will pop back up and by this afternoon, most of us will be mostly cloudy once again. Some of these afternoon clouds will drop snow showers which may briefly reduce visibility, even near the coast, even though accumulations are not expected outside the usual upslope spots in the mountains.

High temps today will range from the low 20s up north to the mid 30s along the coast.


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