Muggy This Morning, Showers Midday, Nice This Afternoon

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a wonderful change in atmospheric conditions as the first gross muggy airmass of the season gets kicked back to where it belongs by a Canadian cold front. The front is entering the mountains as I write this around 10 AM with clouds and a band of scattered showers. As the front sinks farther south into more unstable air, expect more showers and some thunderstorms to develop over the next couple hours especially south of Fryeburg-Augusta-Belfast. Some storms may be able to produce some gusty winds, but no widespread severe weather risk is anticipated.

After storms move off to the south midday, northerly breezes will carry much nicer air into the region this afternoon and clouds will give way to mostly sunny skies as the drier air arrives.

Temps will range from dangerously close to 90 over southern NH to the mid 70s up in the mountains.


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