Hot and Muggy Today With Showers and Thunderstorms This Afternoon

Hello everyone!

Today will feature our first real opportunity for thunderstorms of the season as a cold front approaches from the west. Ahead of this boundary, southwesterly breezes will push temps into the mid-upper 80s for most of the area with some 90s expected in the usual southwestern warm spots.

Showers and thunderstorms will pop up over the mountains starting around noon before moving gradually east through the afternoon/evening. These look to be on the more exciting end of the spectrum of storms we get around here, thanks to robust instability provided by the hot, humid air and cooler temps aloft. While not everyone will get a storm this afternoon, those that do can expect plenty of lightning, very heavy rain, gusty winds, and the possibility of either small hail or a brief tornado. This is nothing too out of the ordinary even for New England, but it’s been a while since we’ve been able to enjoy a good thunderstorm so remember to keep an eye to the sky this afternoon.

Storms will exit the coastline around 5-7 PM with real dry air finally showing up overnight.


4 thoughts on “Hot and Muggy Today With Showers and Thunderstorms This Afternoon”

  1. Hi Jack. We finally got some rain!!
    I really enjoy your post. I learn a lot.
    I do continue to get them a day late.
    This morning I received a post labeled 5/27. When I opened it it is yesterday’s 5/26 post/content . Does this happen to other

    1. Ugh I’m not sure, I haven’t heard from anyone else having problems. Maybe it’s something with your email/spam filter? Not so sure how it all works under the hood with WordPress and email stuff

  2. hi jack wondering if you can tell me how this might affect the rowing conditions on the fore river between 4;15 and 5:45

    cheers and happy birthday

    1. Hi Whit, sorry I didn’t see this the other day! I don’t check notifications here as often. Feel free to send me a text if you ever have weather questions!

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