Hot and Humid Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature hot temperatures and modestly high humidity as we have the misfortune of sourcing our airmass from the Gulf of Mexico. Temps will rise into the mid to high 80s in the north and along the coast east of I-95/I-295 while the interior makes a solid run into the low 90s. Large-scale southwesterly breezes will hamper the ability of the sea breeze to make meaningful progress cooling down anyone not on the Midcoast peninsulas.

Skies will start out mostly sunny this morning before another advancing warm front helps kick up some cumulus during the midday hours. A few of these cumulus clouds will grow tall enough to produce showers and maybe even a thunderstorm or two starting around 12-2 PM. The best odds of a shower or two seem to be in the mountains over towards the coast near Brunswick. Clouds and any showers will fade as the sun slips towards the horizon this evening.


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