Heat Peaks Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the peak of our current heatwave as west-southwesterly winds continue to push hot air into the area under mostly sunny skies. Look for high temps ranging from around 90 near to coast to the mid or perhaps even upper 90s inland. With large-scale westerly breezes, the cooling effect of the ocean will be limited to the tips of the peninsulas and even there won’t be all that strong. Humidity will remain uncomfortably high though not extremely oppressive as the same atmospheric processes that allow for the extreme heat will also keep a lid on the humidity. Without any disturbances in sight, I don’t expect any shower or thunderstorm activity this afternoon despite the hot and humid airmass.

Tomorrow will still be hot but clouds will increase ahead of an approaching cold front and thus we won’t be able to push quite as far into the 90s. Real liberation from the heat appears to be in store later in the week.


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