Cool and Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

My apologies for the quasi-unintended Forecasterjack hiatus over the past few days, during which time I wandered the Great Plains in search of Bison and big thunderstorms before getting settled into my home for the summer in Montana. I figured cell coverage would be better than it was, and sometimes the timing didn’t quite work out for me to post at a moment that would’ve been useful. Anyways, I’m back now so let’s take a look at the forecast.

A weakening line of thunderstorms is entering the region from the west this morning and will make for a wet commute across most of NH. I don’t expect much of this to make it into Maine but a few showers are possible in western parts of the state midmorning.

More clouds and showers will move into the area from the southwest later in the morning after developing in an unstable airmass over NY. With so much cloud cover holding temps in the mid 60s over central NH and low 70s elsewhere, there won’t be much instability for storms to develop this afternoon as a cold front approaches. So while weakening storms moving in from NY might be able to produce a rumble or two of thunder, garden variety showers will be the rule of the day today.


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