Cool and Unsettled Again Today

Hello everyone!

Today’s weather looks a lot like yesterday’s as low pressure slides up the Saint Lawrence Valley. A warm front extending southeast of that low will bisect the region today leaving much of coastal Maine, especially east of Portland, with cool onshore flow while warmer air is allowed into New Hampshire and the Maine mountains. That warm air along with some modestly increased humidity will support some showers and thunderstorms as a cold front approaches this afternoon. With modest instability (thunderstorm fuel), I’m not expecting anything special from these storms but a few folks will enjoy downpours and thunder this afternoon. The best shot at some storms will be up in the mountains and in the foothills.

Thick clouds especially in Maine will keep temps down today with highs ranging from the mid 60s along the Midcoast to the low 70s in the foothills. Some spots in central/southern NH will warm into the mid 70s.


One thought on “Cool and Unsettled Again Today”

  1. Unless we can get on the tropical storm train for some wide-spread rain, we are going to be in deep drought before we know it. This widely scattered, mostly pittance amounts, is not going to cut it against mid-summer evaporation rates.

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