Heat Begins Returning This Weekend

Hello everyone!

A warm front will move through the area today as we stare down the barrel of our next heat wave. This front will bring plenty of clouds as well as the chance for some brief showers up in the mountains and foothills. As winds flip back around to the south, fog will roll in off the ocean especially along the Midcoast. Temps today will be pushed upward by the increasingly warm airmass and downward by the abundant cloud cover so nothing too notable is expected. Most of us should end up within a few degrees of 80 with parts of southern NH making a run towards the mid/upper 80s and the midcoast staying cooler under the fog and onshore flow.

The heat really kicks in tomorrow as sunnier skies develop after morning fog burns off and winds continue out of the southwest. Expect highs in the upper 80s for the northern cool spots and low to mid 90s elsewhere outside the midcoast. No precipitation is expected as any frontal systems remain well to our north.

I’ll be back Monday with another update.


One thought on “Heat Begins Returning This Weekend”

  1. 🥵!! I think most native New Englanders that don’t have ocean or lake side property will agree it’s too bloody hot. I only hope it leads to some beneficial rain. Only then will it be worth putting up with.

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