Miserably Hot and Humid Today

Hello everyone!

To be honest, it is pretty hard to put a positive spin on today’s forecast as a strong Bermuda high sends miserably hot and humid air in our direction. Under partly to mostly sunny skies this morning, temps will warm rapidly into the 80s north and 90s south. Westerly winds ahead of a cold front positioned to our north will keep the sea breeze at bay so you’ll have to hop on a boat to get any relief from the ocean. Temps along the coastal plain will rise into the mid 90s with dew points nearing 70 which means it’ll feel like 100-105. That’s about as horrid as it gets in this part of the country, so make sure to drink plenty of water and retreat either inside to A/C or to the nearest body of cold water during the hottest afternoon hours.

With all that heat and humidity, there will be plenty of fuel for thunderstorms today, though it’s less clear how many sparks will be available to ignite activity. The mountains and the approaching front should set off at least a few thunderstorms this afternoon north of Route 2. These storms will then attempt to move southeast towards the coast and are likely to have the most success north of a Fryeburg-Portland line. Any storms that are able to develop will have the potential to produce some pretty nasty winds given the way the lower atmosphere is set up today. Lightning and heavy rain will also pose a threat to those outside as a storm approaches.

Storms will settle down this evening and we’ll settle in for another disgustingly hot and humid night.

Winter will come, eventually.


One thought on “Miserably Hot and Humid Today”

  1. All I care about at this point is getting some widespread soaking rains. If only we could get a good deep tropical connection with a strong baroclinic zone to stall over the area or a tropical low to move through. If not, I foresee many wells going dry this summer. 🌨🌩

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