Heat and Humidity Continue to Plague The Region Today

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, we will once again find ourselves on the wrong side of a cold front today with west-southwest winds bringing hot and humid air into the region. Look for highs similar to yesterday’s or perhaps even a bit hotter, ranging from the mid/upper 80s way in the north to the mid 90s for much of the coastal plain. Some parts of southern NH may even make a run at the century mark. Stifling dew points near 70 will make the unpleasant temperatures feel even more brutal. Make sure to take proper precautions if you’re especially sensitive to the heat or have to be outside during the hottest part of the day.

Skies will be mostly sunny this morning before clouds start to pop up again this afternoon. With so much energy in place for thunderstorms, all we need is a spark to get some action going. It’s a bit less obvious where that spark will come from today, but I’d expect to see at least one or two storms develop in the mountains midafternoon. Any storms that can get going will pose a threat for heavy rain, lightning, and gusty winds.


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