Turning Cooler and Cloudier Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature cooler temps and a bit more in the way of cloud cover as yesterday’s front lingers offshore and we await the development of a new wave of low pressure along it this afternoon. Skies this morning are characterized by a mix of sun and clouds with a bit more of the latter than the former. That should be the general rule today with breaks of sun briefly poking through the overcast. Folks in the north and mountains stand the best chance of those sunny breaks being a bit longer especially midday.

This afternoon, a coastal storm begins to get going to our southwest and will shut down any remaining sunny breaks. Scattered showers may break out in southern areas this afternoon, but steady rain should hold off until after sunset. Temps will fall from highs in the mid 70s north/low 80s south into the 60s as the storm draws colder air in from the northeast.

A very beneficial and much-needed soaking rain is expected tonight with several inches possible along the coast to take the edge off our (re)developing drought.