Showers and Thunderstorms Return This Afternoon

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the return of showers and thunderstorms as an area of low pressure moves in from the west. Any sunshine this morning will be short-lived along the coast with overcast settling in for the afternoon. Southerly winds will pick up this afternoon and push moisture-laden air into the area, leading to some patchy fog along the Midcoast and an increase in humidity everywhere. The first showers should arrive in western NH between 3 and 5 PM before spreading east into Maine. Rain will fall heavily at times through the night before tapering off closer to tomorrow morning. Most of the area can expect around 0.5-1.5″ of rain with a few towns that end up under some heavy thunderstorms exceeding that and a few towns drawing the short straw between cells with less.

This system happens to be what I call the “summer backbreaker” as it will signal the end of deep/mid summer and the beginning of our slide into late summer/early fall. There will still be warm/hot days heading into August, as well as humidity unfortunately, but this is our first real cool airmass arriving on NW flow rather than E/NE flow so it signals a shift in the state of the atmosphere worth noting. If you couldn’t tell by now, this is one of my favorite days each year. Enjoy it!