Mostly Cloudy but Mostly Dry Today

Hello everyone!

We’re seeing plenty of cloud cover out there this morning, especially in Maine. As a frontal boundary begins to approach from the west, we’ll see clouds stick around and thicken up a bit during the rest of the day. There’s plenty of dry air near the ground that will buffer us from precip developing overhead, but by the evening hours a few drops could be making it to the surface especially up in the mountains. The thick clouds and slightly cooler airmass will hold temps in the mid 70s for most of the area, with some upper 70s possible in parts of southern NH that see more sunshine.


One thought on “Mostly Cloudy but Mostly Dry Today”

  1. And the wretched drought continues in a large part of west central and northern Maine, with no end in sight. A friend who recently returned from camping on Moosehead told me the lake level was the lowest he can recall seeing.

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