Warm, Humid, and Stormy Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature warm and humid weather along with some afternoon thunderstorm activity as a cold front approaches the area from the northwest.

Skies this morning are starting out mostly cloudy, which will be the primary inhibiting factor for severe weather activity this afternoon. Some patches of sunshine along with southwesterly breezes will push temps into the low or perhaps mid 80s across most of the foothills and coastal plain this afternoon (mid 70s along the coast NE of Portland and up in the mountains), but even with sultry dew points in the low 70s there won’t be a ton of fuel for thunderstorms (this is due in part to how the rest of the atmosphere is configured, it’s not just a surface temperature problem).

Either way, look for showers and storms to pop up in the mountains a little after noon and then head towards the coast. Damaging winds seem to be the biggest threat in any storms that do form, with flash flooding coming in second. The amount of rain produced by storms today will be somewhat limited by how quickly they are expected to move east.

Drier air will filter in from the west beginning this evening.


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