Mild and Unsettled Again Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature yet another serving of mild and unsettled weather as we remain on the wrong side of a cold front moving at a casual jogger’s pace to the east. Southerly winds ahead of this front are keeping temps in the upper 60s to low 70s this morning, where they will probably stay for much of the day thanks to thick cloud cover. A few brief breaks in the clouds over the coastal plain could boost temps into the mid 70s this afternoon.

This morning, shower activity is focused over southeast-facing slopes of the mountains where air is topographically forced to rise. As we get later into the morning, showers from the front itself will gradually move into NH. With an uninterrupted plume of moisture streaming in straight from the Caribbean, rain could be heavy at times as the front moves though.

It will take until this afternoon for the front to crawl its way into Maine, but as it does, so too will the more widespread shower activity. This slow eastward progress will open the door for some late-day sunshine, and the potential for a very nice sunset, in central/western NH.

Heavy rain will be the primary threat with this frontal system, but there is some nonzero chance for gusty winds or even a tornado if we get enough filtered sunshine to promote more robust thunderstorm development. Right now, the best shot of some severe weather seems to be over NH and far western ME. Just keep half an ear out in case a warning is issued for your area.

Unfortunately, this front never really moves east of our area, so at least some of us will be dealing with clouds and showers through the weekend (mostly near the coast and east of Augusta).


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