Northwest Flow Backs Off A Little Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature slightly less breezy conditions as northwest flow backs off a bit in response to the low pressure system causing it moving farther to the northeast. That said, we’ll still be under the influence of our favorite upslope/downslope pattern, especially up in northeastern parts of the area. Low clouds will hang tough up in the mountains of Maine while clearing develops over in NH. Temps will actually range quite a bit across the area today as we sit right at the edge of some chilly air aloft. The northeastern mountains will top out in the upper 40s under partly to mostly cloudy skies. The sunshine over the coastal plain won’t be enough to help much northeast of Augusta where highs will range from the mid to upper 50s. Farther southwest though, the sunshine will team up with warmer air aloft to support much warmer temps. Interior SW Maine will rise into the low/mid 60s while southern NH gets into the upper 60s/low 70s.

A stray shower can’t be ruled out up near Jackman but otherwise, today will be dry.


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