Cool, Breezy, and Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature cool temps, breezy westerly winds, and plenty of clouds/showers as we sit underneath a pocket of cold air aloft. As the sun comes up this morning, a band of thick clouds associated with last night’s storm is sliding offshore, leaving a narrow gap of sunshine downwind of the mountains. That sunshine will prove short-lived as even the slightest heating will produce instability and thus clouds as we move into the later morning/midday hours. Clouds and showers will be most widespread in the usual upslope areas, but broader instability and residual moisture will allow more of those showers to spill off the mountains towards the coast this afternoon. Showers will contain a mix of rain, snow, graupel, and possibly some small hail. Temps will be on the cooler side, ranging from the low 30s up in the mountains to the mid 40s along the coast of southern NH.