Cooler, Breezy, and Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature cooler temps, breezy west-northwest winds, and some unsettled weather as morning sunshine destabilizes the air under a chilly pocket aloft. The mountains and Penobscot Bay are currently seeing overcast skies this morning, the former due to upsloping and the latter from the cold front now heading out to our east. The mountain clouds will stick around, but Rockland and surroundings will see some sunshine later this morning.

Clouds will start spilling off the mountains towards the coast midday, bringing with them the chance for some showers. These showers may be composed of any combination of snow, rain, sleet, and graupel. They should be fairly brief though, at least outside the mountains.

Temps will follow our usual upslope/downslope split, with the mountains staying below freezing and the coastline getting into the low/mid 40s.