Quiet and Mild For Most Today

Hello everyone!

Today’s weather will largely be governed by a strong area of high pressure to the north which is being kind enough to kick a weak storm system offshore to our south. As a result, we have some high clouds filtering across the area this morning but outside of southern NH, most of today should be fairly bright. There are some thicker mid-level clouds to our west over upstate New York which may dim the sunshine a bit in central parts of the area midday. That said, only southern NH seems to be at risk for precipitation as dry air holds steady across the rest of the region.

Today’s warmest temperatures, near 60, will be found up near Augusta where sunshine will be strongest. A sea breeze will hold the Midcoast to the low 50s while the mountains still have some snowpack to melt off before they can rise much past the mid/upper 40s. Onshore flow and thicker clouds will keep a low lid on temps south of Portland, ranging from the mid 40s near the shoreline to the low 50s inland.


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