Cool and Gray Today

Hello everyone!

It wouldn’t be a New England spring without a few of these days right? Easterly winds off the Gulf of Maine combined with a slow-moving storm advancing from the west will keep temps low and cloud cover thick across the area today. A few breaks of morning sun and less influence from the cold ocean will put the warmest temps north and east of Augusta where the upper 50s are possible. For the rest of us though, 50 will be the magic number, plus or minus a couple degrees.

A batch of rain currently loitering along the CT river may make a push northeast into our area over the next few hours, though I’m skeptical most folks would see anything more than a brief shower. Rain is most likely and will last the longest in the mountains before that batch of showers loses steam later in the afternoon.

Breezy and unsettled conditions will develop overnight before a classic sunrise soakah tomorrow as the bulk of this storm moves through our area.


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