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Saturday Snow and Monday Night Rain

 Saturday across the Mid Atlantic will feature snow north of a Baltimore-Philidelphia- NYC line clearing for Sunday morning with a cooler Sunday for everyone. Our next storm will track throught the Mid Atlantic Sunday night trowing clouds across the Mid Atlantic Sunday ahead of the storm. Monday will feature rain for most of NE with some snow at the onset of precipitation as cold air is firmly in place.

Snow will start to move in tonight and will be over the area by dawn and moving northward through the day. North of Augusta ME will see no accumulations while anywhere north of Portland and south of Agusta will see around 1-3″ and York County will see 3-4″.  Seacoast NH will see 3-5″ and Boston North will see 3-5 due to some sleet possibly mixing in there.6-8″ in northern CT including Hartford and surrounding areas.

Sunday will feature some clouds for the Mid Atlantic out ahead of the next storm that will bring rain for the East Coast starting sunday night and then into monday and monday night lingering into tuesday for northern NE

Stay Tuned!


Thursday snow with a mix possible at the coast

Thursday has been a tricky forecast for the past several days but now the forecast has become more clear. The eventual type of precipitation is still uncertain and will depend on the actual track of the low. But we can eliminate some options. We can eliminate an all rain scenario for NE. Also we can eliminate an even partial snow scenario for the mid atlantic. It will be all rain there.

Stay tuned!!


Todays outlook 1-2-12

New England

Today will feature partly cloudy skies with highs in the 40s in most of Maine with the exception of the north and the mountains. In the North and Mountains, temps will peak out a little above freezing. In southern NE, 50s can be expected. Gusty NW winds

Mid Atlantic

50s in VA. 40s to around 50 elsewhere. Partly cloudy. Gusty NW winds.

Stay tuned!



7 day forecast

Here is a 7 day forecast:

New England:
Today: Mild. Clear skies with only a few scattered clouds. High 45.
Tomorrow: Mild. Am clouds Pm sun. High 40
Tuesday: Much colder with highs around 20. Colder in the North and the Mountains. Sunny area wide.
Wednesday: Even colder. Highs in the teens at the coast and around 10 inland. Sunny across the region.
Thursday: Sunny. Temps rebounding into the mid 20s. Sunny.
Friday: Warmer. Highs around freezing. Mostly cloudy.
Saturday Same temps as Friday. Mostly cloudy as well.

Mid Atlantic:
Today: Mild. Around 70 for a high northward to DC-Baltimore. 50s elsewhere except for a few upper 40s in the far NW. Clear
Tomorrow: Upper 40s N to DC-Baltimore. upper 30s elsewhere. Cloudy in the West a few breaks in the clouds east. Chance for a light snow shower in the far NW.
Colder. Highs in the mid 30s N to DC-Baltimore. 20s elsewhere. Snow showers for the North with snow showers wrapping south at the coast south to Delaware.
30s N to southern New Jersey upper 20s elsewhere. Partly cloudy.
Thursday: Upper 40s for VA beach and Delaware. 30s and lower 40s elsewhere. Partly cloudy in the North. Clear in the south.
Lower 50s N to DC-Baltimore. lower 40s for New Jersey and upper 30s elsewhere. Clear.
60s for Virginia. upper 40s and lower 50s elsewhere. Cloudy in the far North and Partly cloudy elsewhere.

Stay tuned!


Todays weather 12-29-11

Today will feature a clear sky with cold temperatures. Temperatures will start off in the low teens for the coast and the lower single digits inland. Wind chills will be around 9 at the coast and well below zero inland.

Winds will die down as the day goes on.

Stay tuned!


Stormy new year

Christmas is now came and gone but we all start the New years rush. Travelling and partying, staying up until  midnight and of course for us meteorologists the start to the notorious snowy months of January and Febuary. We are watching several storms in the coming week. The first will hit on wednesday with heavy rain and strong winds. Number 2 on the storm production line will hit Friday into New Years Eve with light snow.

Stay tuned!


Update on next week storms

Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a wh...
Image via Wikipedia This is what you will see in boston On christmas morning as well as Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

As the start to the holiday weekend has arrived, likely everyone, or close to everyone has done most of their traveling by now. I know that no one wants to face the upcoming travel rush back home, but it will happen and here is a daily forecast for the busy travel days.

Any regions I have left unexplained have sunny weather.

Sunday: PM snow showers for the Northeast U.S. snow and rain for the Northwest U.S. Rain for the south.

Monday: Few snow showers across the interior Northeast. Rain for the mid atlantic. Showers for the Northwest.

Tuesday: Rain and snow for the Northeast. Rainy/snowy Northwest. Snowy upper rockies.

Wednesday: Snow for New England. Snowy High Plains. Windy Southern wyoming. Rainy/snowy Northwest.

Thursday: Snowy great lakes Stormy Northwest windy Southern Wyoming 

Stay tuned as we continue to fine tune the forecasts for this active weather pattern.