Cooler and Generally Drier Today, Some PM Showers Possible

Hello everyone!

Cooler and drier air is slowly working its way into the region from the west this morning behind the cold front that brought showers and thunderstorms last night. Westerly winds will be the name of the game for most of today which means the coast will actually see its warmest day in a while with temps ranging from 60 up near Rockland to 65 in Portland. Temps will gradually slide into the low 50s up in the mountains.

A secondary cold front will approach the region from the northwest this afternoon. That means that clouds will increase especially up in the mountains, and some showers will begin popping up in the same area. Showers will struggle to move into the drier air over the coastal plain, but anyone is at some risk for raindrops this afternoon. If you’re up in the mountains, it may feel more like a rainy day with frequent shower activity. Showers will die down around sunset.


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