A Tale of Two Fridays

Hello everyone!

Today’s forecast is all about location, location, and location. The region will be roughly split in two by a warm front advancing slowly from the southwest. In Maine, largely ahead of the front, southeast winds will push cool maritime air onshore. As a result, morning stratus and fog will be slow to lift inland and will remain locked in place along the coast. Temps will range from 50 near Rockland to 65 or so in the mountains where partial sun will emerge this afternoon. To the west in New Hampshire, largely behind the warm front, morning stratus and fog will burn off to partly cloudy skies this afternoon. Temps will rise into the low to mid 70s and dew points will creep up towards 60 as winds shift to the south and southwest. Heat and humidity will invade further tomorrow, the coast still looks to be in pretty good shape with onshore southerly winds.


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