Intense But Brief Snow Tonight

Hello everyone!

Not a lot has changed from this morning in regards to tonight’s forecast. Snow is ongoing across the area now but big accumulations will hold off until after around 9 PM when a very heavy band looks to sweep NE. As it does so, it will be intensifying and slowing down.

HRRR Model Showing Intense Snow Sweeping NE This Evening. Credit: Weatherbell
HRRR Model Showing Intense Snow Sweeping NE This Evening. Credit: Weatherbell

The farther NE you go, the heavier the band will be and the longer it will last. In this band, look for very intense snowfall rates of 2-4″ per hour along with gusty winds and potentially thunder. It won’t last terribly long for most, maybe an hour or two, but in that time, the snow will really pile up. If you are driving late tonight look for very dangerous driving conditions with near whiteout conditions. Thankfully, the worst of the storm will be from 9PM to around midnight. After that, the snow abruptly shuts off and NW winds pick up. Some snow showers could linger through tomorrow morning especially in the mountains and NE.

Screenshot (10)

I still like my snow map from this morning. Remember, most of this falls in just a few hours late tonight. It will be quite a show if you happen to be awake for it!

Be careful tomorrow as winds will be gusting near 45mph which will blow around the new snow. The greatest threat for reduced visibility due to blowing snow is inland where the snow will be fluffier.

Initially there were concerns about coastal mixing and that is still possible but observations show cold air hanging tough for everyone but the outer peninsulas. Should this change between now and when the heavy band blasts through, areas east of Route 1 could see reduced accumulations.

Believe it or not, we got another storm lined up! More snow, possibly significant, could arrive Saturday. There are significant questions so the details will have to wait a while but know the potential is definitely there! Welcome to winter the way it should be!


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