A Hot And Humid Day Today

Hello everyone!

More disgusting weather is on the way today as a polar low pressure system over Hudson Bay is asleep at the wheel, letting the Bermuda high expand northwestward, albeit briefly. The result will be nasty heat and humidity. A boundary will be present across the area that will decide who gets what nastiness. West of the boundary? Congratulations! You get to enjoy temps in the low to mid 90’s but you’re dew points will “only” be in the low 60’s. East of the boundary? Your temps will, by comparison, be quite chilly. Only in the low 80’s! Your dew points, however, will be enough to make anyone long for a good blizzard as they rise into the outrageously oppressive lower 70’s.

So where will this boundary set up? The Swiss HD model has a good handle on the approximate area. It will waver back and forth but should remain well entrenched along the coastal plain. Along the boundary, an isolated shower or thunderstorm can’t be ruled out but as with the past few days, they will remain widely scattered, if they even develop at all.

-Jack Sillin