Much Warmer Today

Hello everyone!

We had an overperforming snow event across parts of Southern Maine last night, where up to 5″ fell, admittedly with little in the way of advanced notice. Based on the data I looked at yesterday morning, I was fairly confident that the dynamics wouldn’t be strong enough in such a progressive (fast-moving) pattern aloft to result in a prolonged period of moderate snow. However, dynamics in the low levels were just amplified enough to cause that band of moderate snow to stick around a little longer than forecast. This was the culprit behind those higher totals. My apologies to anyone inconvenienced by the less than perfect forecast!

Today, we’ll get a chance to delete most of that excess snow from the record as a warm front lifts north and temperatures rise above freezing. Look for highs ranging from the mid 30’s north to the mid 40’s south as southwest winds usher in milder air. These warm temps are due to low pressure passing to our north today, and the snow associated with that system will impact the mountains north of Route 2. Accumulations near Route 2 will range from 1-3″, with 2-4″ amounts expected in the Jackman area. Snow will taper off this afternoon, and southern areas will remain mainly dry. Clouds will be widespread due to this system, though some breaks of sun are possible in the south this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Much Warmer Today”

  1. So, you’re ruling out any CAD in the foothills at this time where it’s all so common an occurrence? Unless of course strong mixing is expected?

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