Tropical Downpours Usher In Heat Relief Today

Hello everyone!

You may notice it’s raining this morning, widespread shower/thunderstorm activity is noted across the region as of 8 AM. If you’re not in on the rain yet, it’s coming soon. This morning’s rains are fairly heavy, owing to the amount of moisture available to be squeezed out of the atmosphere. These downpours will sweep offshore early this afternoon, and behind them, NW breezes will chart a course straight from low dew point heaven. Look for Td’s (shorthand for Dew Point) to drop from the low 70’s this morning to  the 40’s by this evening. NW breezes will also set up an upslope/downslope pattern for cloud cover, with cloudy conditions hanging tough in the mountains and sunny skies developing along the coastal plain. Highs today will range from the low 60’s in the north to the mid 80’s in the south.

Interested in following along with the storms today? Check out’s radar, satellite, and lightning products. The lightning one is especially cool, you can click the map to zoom into county level then click an individual strike icon to see exactly where the strike hit (within 100 yards or so), as well as how strong it was. Everything on is free, so check it out if you’re interested!