Flooding Rains In The South This Morning

Hello everyone!

After bringing catastrophic flooding to parts of North and South Carolina this past weekend, Florence is paying a visit to New England on its way out of the country this morning. As of this writing at 8:15 AM, southern NH including Manchester and Keene is under a flash flood warning, meaning that rapid rises in streams/creeks is occurring/imminent. Heavy rain extends slightly north of this region as well, with lighter rain farther north towards Lewiston.

That heavy rain in Southern NH will lift a little to the north today, likely making it up into the Casco Bay region by lunchtime. As in Southern NH, rapid small stream rises and ponding on roads will be the primary threats. Thankfully Florence is accelerating off to the East, and will not be stalling out like it did in the Carolinas. For those who do see heavy rain this morning, imagine what it would be like for it to rain like that for days on end. That was Florence. Now imagine what it would be like for that to go on for an entire week. That was Harvey. We get some wild weather here in Maine for sure, but we’re quite fortunate to usually escape those types of events.

Up to the north, a cold front is dropping south through the Saint Lawrence Valley. This will be putting up a wall of sorts that prohibits Florence’s moisture from moving into northern areas. A few scattered showers and storms are possible along the front this afternoon in the north, but otherwise its passage will be quiet.

Both systems clear out this evening, with partly sunny skies returning in the west by sunset. Highs will take on a distribution opposite to what we’d usually expect. The warmest temps near 80 will be up in the west and mountains where peeks of sun will develop this afternoon, while the coast/foothills stay the cloudiest and thus the coolest around 70.


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