Afternoon Showers And Thunderstorms Today

Hello everyone!

A cold front is approaching the area this morning, but won’t actually arrive until early this evening. This means that we have all day for patchy sunshine to heat the atmosphere up. The energy we get from sun at the end of September is a far cry from what it is in the early summer, but it will be enough to push temps into the upper 70’s for most of NH and western Maine. Cooler temps will be found northeast of Portland, with highs around 70.

We’ll be mostly dry through most of the day today, with storms along the front arriving in the form of a line. This line will first arrive in the mountains this evening, between 6 and 7. The line will then move east, reaching the coastal plain between 9 and 10. Storms will weaken as they move towards the midcoast just prior to midnight. The main threat from storms today will be strong gusty winds, that could cause some localized power outage issues.

Cooler and drier weather will arrive tomorrow post-front.


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