Special Update: Tomorrow’s Forecast A Little Early Plus Pictures From A White Mountain Sunrise

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed I wasn’t able to get an update out this morning. My apologies for that! I was up in the White Mountains taking in a stunning sunrise as part of resting and recuperating during fall break. I have similar, though slightly less spectacular, plans for tomorrow morning, so I’ll post the forecast now to keep everyone up to date. As a side note, if you’re interested in seeing pictures from the hike, scroll down!

Tomorrow, Sunday, will feature plenty of clouds and temps split dramatically between north and south. Both of these are due to the fact that a frontal boundary will be sitting overhead for most of the day. The front won’t be strong enough to get much in the way of precipitation going, but it will be strong enough to keep cloud cover fairly dense for most of the area. Cool air north of the front will limit highs in the mountains to around 50, while warm air south of the front will let temps climb above 70 in southern NH. The best chance for showers will be in the mountains.

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