Another Cool And Dry Day Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature more cool and dry weather as Canadian air filters through the area. Highs will range from 15 in the north to 30 in the south under increasingly sunny skies. Some morning flurries in the mountains will clear out for the afternoon as any remaining moisture is squeezed out by the effects of upsloping. Enjoy the lovely winter day!


2 thoughts on “Another Cool And Dry Day Today”

  1. Jack, would you give us a sense of coming storms, please? It’s nice to know what’s coming today, but a heads up on upcoming stems would be fabulous!!! Keep up the good work, here and in school!

    1. Hi Mercer!
      Thanks for the note. I could try to work in a few words about upcoming storms moving forward but I can’t promise a longer range look every day due to time constraints with school, work, and everything else.

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