Bringing The Chance Of Showers And Thunderstorms Back Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a renewed chance for showers and thunderstorms as our next cold front moves in from Canada. Thankfully, it’s not unbearably humid out there this morning with dew points generally in the 50’s. While dew point values should creep up above 60 in the next few hours, the overall lack of a muggy airmass means that the front will be a bit starved for moisture. As a result, I’m not expecting widespread thunderstorm activity like we saw on Wednesday. That being said, parts of Southern NH as well as the mountains should be ready for some rain this afternoon/evening.

The mountains will likely remain dry until much later this afternoon/evening as the front which will be pushing the air upwards remains well to the northwest in Canada. The trigger mechanism for Southern NH is a weak upper level disturbance which is much closer by (New York), so the chance of a brief shower or storm will begin much earlier in the day, likely within the next few hours. Either way, today won’t be a washout for anyone, but it’s worth keeping a spot to duck for cover in the back of your mind if you’re headed outside in the aforementioned areas.

Temps today will range from 80 in the mountains and along the coastline to a little below 90 inland.


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