A Bit Cooler Today Along With More Showers

Hello everyone!

A cold front has drifted very lazily into the northern part of the region this morning, and its southward motion today could easily be outdone by a moderately ambitious biker. The front seems similarly unmotivated to push the air in front of it upwards, which would be key to the development of widespread precipitation.

Despite its shortcomings, our #sad cold front will cause just enough of a stir today to produce some showers and thunderstorms. The first round of showers is in progress now across Southern NH. These showers are quite weak, and won’t have any impacts. The potentially more impactful showers will develop along the cold front this afternoon beginning in the 1-2 PM timeframe. These will feature much heavier rain along with the chance for lightning. The best chance for these heavier showers will be in southern and central regions. Any showers and storms will either dissipate or move offshore following sunset.

High temps today will range from around 70 in the north to a few degrees above 80 in the south.


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