Delightful Weather Today Post-Dorian

Hello everyone!

Today will feature some pretty delightful weather in the wake of Dorian which is now an extratropical cyclone near Newfoundland. This morning, a band of clouds extends from the Mountains to the Midcoast with overcast skies reported underneath it. That band should break up a bit as we move later into the day, with a mix of sun and clouds expected area-wide. The most sun will be found in southern NH while the most clouds will generally be found in the typical upslope regions of the mountains.

Dew points today will be fantastically low, a few degrees above 50 near the coast and around 45 inland. That’s just about perfect as far as humidity goes this time of year! Temps will be similarly nice, ranging from a few degrees below 60 in the mountains to a few degrees above 70 in SE NH.

No precip is expected today in dry NW flow. Enjoy the beautiful weather!


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