Warmer, More Humid, And More Unsettled Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature an increase in temperatures, humidity, clouds, and rain chances as a cold front approaches the region from the west. Expect two rounds of showers, one this morning primarily over southern areas (beginning in W NH 6-7 AM) and one later this afternoon. The longer and sunnier the break between the two rounds is, the stronger the afternoon storms have the potential to be.

Currently, the best chance for some midday sunny breaks will be in Southern NH and adjacent parts of SW ME, but I definitely wouldn’t be expecting widespread sunshine as it will take this morning’s clouds and showers a while to make their way east.

Showers and storms associated with the front itself will arrive later in the afternoon/evening from the NW. The warm and humid airmass will have enough instability to support some thunderstorms, but the winds in the mid/upper levels are too weak to support widespread severe weather. Showers and storms will clear the coast late this evening with drier air moving in from Canada.

High temps today will be warm, ranging from 70 in the north to a little above 80 in SE NH. Dew points will rise into the “not good” range (>65F) which means today’s airmass will feel humid too.


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