Another Dry And Cloudy Day Today

Hello everyone!

Today’s weather will look a lot like yesterday’s with dry conditions and cloudy skies. Today’s low clouds (and associated patchy drizzle/fog) will be brought to you by light southeasterly breezes bringing moisture in off the Gulf of Maine. As was the case yesterday, these clouds won’t be deep enough to produce any rain due to a lack of large-scale upward motion as we remain on the edge of relatively strong high pressure. High temps look pretty similar to those we saw yesterday, albeit a bit warmer, ranging from the upper 40’s in the north to the upper 50’s in southern NH.


One thought on “Another Dry And Cloudy Day Today”

  1. Actually pretty wet here in Augusta this morning with a fairly heavy mist. Roads very wet and frequent wiper action required. Not as wet further west where I drove in from however.

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