One Last Cool And Quiet Day Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the last day of cool and quiet weather for at least a little while as our next storm system begins to approach from the west. Clouds from this system will begin moving into the region this afternoon, but most of us will enjoy plenty of sunshine during the morning and midday hours. Winds will turn towards the southwest today, meaning warm air will begin heading in our direction. That being said, the warm airmass needs to break down the deep snowpack across NY and MA before it can arrive in NH/ME, so we’ll be left with another day of relatively cool temps today. Look for highs ranging from 25 in the north to 30 along the NH/MA border.

Enjoy the nice weather! If you’re a skier or snowboarder, today is the day to hit the slopes for one last shot at the soft snow left by the post-Thanksgiving storm. If you’re thinking of heading out next weekend, sharpen up those edges.


2 thoughts on “One Last Cool And Quiet Day Today”

  1. Sounds like we’re entering that depressing pre-Christmas snowless pattern that seems to have become a common theme. ☹

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