Heavy Rain Today

Hello everyone!

Heavy rain is falling across the region this morning as low pressure develops over the Mid Atlantic. As expected, the entire region has warmed above freezing and no additional icing issues are forecast. The batch of rain moving through currently will be the steadiest and heaviest of the day, so watch out for localized street flooding/ponding on roads during the morning commute.

During the mid-morning hours, drier air will work into the region about 5,000 feet off the ground. This will shut off the steadier/heavier precipitation, and most of the area will remain dry (possibly with some drizzle) through the mid afternoon hours. Another round of moderate/heavy rain, this time in the form of convective showers, will arrive from the south this evening, likely around 6 PM in southern NH, 7 PM near Portland, and 8 PM for the mountains. The process of returning this warm airmass to its rightful place in the tropics will begin tomorrow with gusty NW winds.

High temps today will range from 40 in the mountains to 55 along the coast.


4 thoughts on “Heavy Rain Today”

  1. Please be on tv soon you’re very accurate and I’ve been following you for the past 4 years. Keep up the good work!

    1. Jack would own the no-hype market segment! Given T.V.’s imminent demise, likely a web-creature feature would be best.

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