Cooler and Breezy Today

Hello everyone!

As a quick note, this post is coming out later than it should because while I had everything written up at 6:00, for whatever reason I forgot to hit the send button. While this means that the forecast information is perhaps less useful than it should be, I’ve opted to post anyway because I find it neat that we’re seeing a lake effect streamer stretch all the way from Lake Superior to the mountains of Maine, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mention that along with some relevant satellite imagery.

Cooler temps will return to the region today as yesterday’s storm starts spinning itself out over Quebec. The cooler air is arriving on west-southwest winds which may seem counterintuitive. Usually that’s a warm wind direction for us! It turns out that the way our storm ended up developing, it got knocked on its side a bit. This means that the coldest air lies not to the northwest of the storm, but instead to the southwest.

Why does this matter for our forecast? Whenever you get strong cold air advection on WSW winds, and Lake Ontario is warm and mostly ice-free as it is now, you get a big band of lake effect snow to develop over the Tug Hill Plateau. Why does that matter for our forecast? This band is so strong that it’s actually making it all the way to the mountains of western ME/NH!

This visible satellite loop shows a narrow band of lake effect snow stretching from Lake Huron across Lake Ontario through the Adirondack, Green, and White mountains to Central Maine. The band actually starts over Lake Superior, though this particular domain doesn’t quite cover that area.

As a result of this lake effect band (plus some upsloping), the mountains can expect mostly cloudy skies along with periodic snow showers, possibly accumulating 1-3″ in the higher terrain.

Downwind of the mountains, downsloping has produced mostly clear skies which will continue through the rest of the day.

High temps will range from around 20 in the mountains to around 40 near the NH/MA border.