Clear and Cool Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature clear skies and cool temps as a strong area of high pressure passes through the region. Temps this morning are seasonably chilly, ranging from the low single digits int he mountains to the low 20s along the coast. Temps will rebound this afternoon under mostly sunny skies but will remain on the cooler side of what is typically expected in mid march. The mountains should top out around 25 while SW NH will enjoy warmer temps a little above 40. Full sunshine is expected across the region this morning but the sun will slowly fade behind mid/high clouds approaching ahead of our next weak storm system which will arrive tomorrow.

With the forecast completed, I figured I’d drop a quick note about my radio silence over the past few days. On Tuesday of last week, Cornell announced that classes would be conducted entirely online after spring break which for us is 3/28-4/5. After talking with some of the university higher-ups on Wednesday, it became clear to me that we weren’t going to make it all the way to spring break. With that in mind, I started packing up my stuff in preparation for leaving Friday. On Friday while in class, I learned that all classes were suspended until 4/6, at which point they would move online. That announcement touched off a mad dash to finish packing up and moving out before the other 10,000+ students living on-campus decided they needed to do that too. On Friday night, I drove back to Maine with (most of) my stuff. Because not everything fit the first time, I turned right around on Saturday morning to pick up the rest before coming back Saturday afternoon.

After 21 hours on the road and many more packing/moving/unpacking stuff, I’m now back up and running here in Maine and as such, my posts will continue as normal. Best of luck to all in this tough time, and remember to practice social distancing as best you can. I don’t know much about viruses but that seems like the best tool in our box at the moment.


One thought on “Clear and Cool Today”

  1. my niece from Yarmouth is on her way home from COrnell as well. A sad time for you all. You are amazing to have done as much as you did over the weekend and get back up on line!

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