Light Rain and Snow Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature light rain and snow as a weak frontal system moves through the region. Light snow is falling across most of the area this morning but temps are in the mid 30s along the coast and with a southerly wind pushing temps to near 40, a change to rain is expected shortly. No accumulations are expected along the coastal plain. Farther inland, cold air damming will work its usual magic and keep temps in the low to mid 30s. As a result, the foothills can expect a coating to 2″ of snow. The higher terrain in the mountains will top out around 30 today and will pick up 2-4″ of snow.

While skies will be mostly cloudy for the majority of the day, skies should clear right around sunset. If you have a camera and a view to the west, this evening should treat you well.


2 thoughts on “Light Rain and Snow Today”

  1. Let’s see … todays forecast came in at 9:40am … I’m guess that “Forecaster Jack” is out West skiing … oh wait, he can’t be, all the ski areas are closed!

    1. Ha! I’m hunkered down on my gf’s farm in Woolwich and her dad dispatched me to walk the dog on the back 40 before I could finish the forecast. So out we went!

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