Clouds Return Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the return of overcast skies as our next storm begins approaching from the northeast. Satellite imagery shows cloud cover crawling southwest along a Portland-Berlin NH line. That means that NH and far SW ME should enjoy a nice sunrise before overcast skies arrive in a few hours. For points NE of Portland, the clouds are already here. Between the clouds and northerly breezes, today’s temps will remain on the chillier side ranging from 35 in the mountains to 40 along most of the coastal plain to 45 or 50 in far southwestern NH. The storm will throw its first batch of precipitation at us from the east this evening, but it shouldn’t arrive in Penobscot Bay until after 9 PM and Brunswick/Augusta after 10-11 PM. Most of the cold rain we’ll be dealing with from this storm will come tomorrow.


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