Chilly, Rainy, and Breezy Today

Hello everyone!

We’ve enjoyed an unusual amount of nice weather so far this spring season, but today the bill is coming due. A powerful ocean storm is retrograding south of Nova Scotia this morning and is pushing a plume of moisture into the region from the east as it does so. As a result, we can expect overcast skies today along with a cold north wind gusting over 30 mph at times (especially near the coast), and a steady cold rain. Despite being a fascinating event from a meteorological perspective, there’s not actually much more to say about this system that’s relevant to most folks. Radar imagery suggests that the rain is already here except perhaps for far SW NH where it will arrive soon. Rain won’t depart until well after dark so we don’t need to worry about timing that out too closely. Rainfall totals will generally fall in the 1-1.5″ range with higher amounts possible along east-facing mountain slopes and lower amounts in the CT valley west of the White Mountains. Because this rain will fall over a >12 hour period, no flooding is expected. Because winds will be out of the N/NE which is cross/offshore, no significant coastal flooding is expected despite very rough seas.

I’ll leave you with some satellite imagery of this system which (I think) is pretty spectacular.


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