Well-Deserved Calm Weather Arrives Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the well-deserved return of quiet weather as yesterday’s storm continues to intensify (!) east of James Bay. While westerly breezes are in progress across the area as a result of that system, they won’t be nearly as strong as yesterday’s southerlies. Gusts should stay below 25 mph meaning the risk of additional power outages is quite low. Those westerly breezes have kicked up a few upslope clouds in the usual spots but otherwise the region is mostly clear this morning. A few high clouds are beginning to develop back to our southwest ahead of a weak upper level disturbance sliding through the Southern Plains. Expect those clouds to slide in our direction later today. While many of us (especially southwest) will likely end up with overcast by this evening, no precipitation is expected.

High temps will settle right around climatological norms today, ranging from 40 in the north to 55 along the coastal plain. The immediate shoreline will remain a bit cooler (45-50) due to a late afternoon sea breeze.


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