Cloudy but Mostly Dry Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature mostly cloudy skies and generally dry conditions as our next storm gathers steam to our west. The core of this storm will arrive tomorrow in the form of a long/narrow band of heavy rain. Interestingly, this band has already formed and is currently moving through Pennsylvania. Why won’t it get here until tomorrow if it’s so close this morning? The band is oriented north-south and throughout the atmosphere in the vicinity of the band, winds are nearly due southerly. Because the band is pushed east by whatever component of the wind is oriented perpendicular to the band, its forward motion is quite slow.

All that to say that the storm will be on our doorstep today, but we won’t see much in the way of heavy precipitation until tomorrow. One exception to the ‘generally dry’ rule will be across NH this morning. A batch of rain is moving north from CT/MA towards the NH border and should arrive in the next hour or so across SW NH. Most high-resolution model guidance indicates that this batch of rain will fall apart as it continues moving north, but as far as I can tell, the mid-level moisture pocket associated with this batch of precip is a bit more robust than guidance suggests. With that in mind, don’t be shocked if northern parts of NH and western parts of ME end up with a few drops at some point later this morning. The best chance for steady rain will be found along the SE-facing slopes of the mountains.

Temps today will fall back into the low to mid 40s for most of the area. A few 50 degree readings are possible in southern NH and northeast of Waterville.


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