Rounds Of Rain Arrive Today

Hello everyone!

Our next storm has finally arrived this morning and rain is being observed over all of NH and a good portion of Maine as I write this around 5:45. If rain hasn’t yet reached your location, it will within the next hour or two. Once the rain arrives, it will keep going for much of the day. Rain will be steady but not torrential for most of the day, though some embedded convective cells may briefly increase rain rates from time to time. If you’re looking for consistently heavier rain, head to the SE-facing slopes of the Whites where upsloping will significantly enhance rainfall rates.

Drier air will start to approach from the south by this afternoon. Expect precip to taper off in southern NH around 4-5 PM while the NH/ME foothills and coastal plain will have to wait until 5-6 PM. Rain will continue in the mountains until 8-9 PM. Overall, most spots can expect to pick up around an inch or inch and a half of rain. Much higher totals (2-3″+ are likely along the SE-facing slopes of the Whites. Some rivers and streams, especially in that area, could be looking at minor flooding by this afternoon. No significant problems are expected.

High temps today will inch slightly closer to normal, ranging from 45 in the north to around 60 in far southern NH.


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