Warm And Muggy Weather Returns Today

Hello everyone!

Warm and (somewhat) muggy weather will return today as southwesterly breezes kick up ahead of a cold front to our west. High temps will range from 80 in the mountains and along much of the southern coastline (south of Portland) to the upper 80s inland. The Midcoast, as per usual, will remain a bit cooler in the mid 70s. Dew points will cross the 60 degree threshold for most southern areas today, meaning today counts as muggy in my book. If you favor the 65 degree threshold for mugginess, that criteria will be met south/east of I-95.

Satellite imagery and a quick glance out the window this morning reveals mostly cloudy skies across southern portions of the region and mostly sunny skies up in the north/mountains. Expect the northern edge of the cloud shield to drift slowly south today, though points south of Portland will likely remain overcast for most if not all of today. The sunshine, warmth, and increasing humidity will support a few scattered showers in northern parts of the area this afternoon. Much like the past few days, these showers will not impact everyone, and those that do see one won’t be rained on for very long.

More widespread shower and thunderstorm activity will arrive tomorrow as the cold front rolls through.