Widespread Showers and Thunderstorms This Afternoon

Hello everyone!

Today will feature fairly widespread showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon as a storm develops to our south. This is actually an interesting setup in a number of ways, and if all goes well, parts of the region could pick up quite a bit of much needed rain.

We start off this morning mostly sunny except for some fog in the Midcoast and a few clouds up in the mountains. That sunshine is just what we’ll need to boost temps into the low/mid 80s across much of the region. The Midcoast, under persistent clouds and fog, will remain cooler as will the mountains. A few spots in southern NH may end up in the upper 80s. For those who end up above 80, there will be plenty of instability for showers and thunderstorms to develop this afternoon.

Those showers and storms will be popping up starting around 2-3 PM in the mountains. The best fuel for thunderstorms (pink/red shadings) will be found away from the coastline right along the edge of the sea breeze front. This is where the best chance of severe weather will be found. Today’s stronger cells could produce some damaging wind gusts especially up in the mountains.

By this evening, showers and storms are expected to coalesce into larger bands of moderate to heavy rain. This would be ideal for making progress towards alleviating our current drought.

Keep an eye to the sky if you’re headed outside today.