Humidity Returns Today, Isaias Looking Like Less Of An Issue For US

Hello everyone!

Today will feature continued warmth and increasing humidity as southerly winds continue ahead of a storm developing in the Great Lakes. A bit of weak lifting ahead of that storm will team up with our warm and humid airmass to produce a few showers this afternoon/evening. As per usual, the best shot at some rain will be in the mountains. High temps will range from the upper 70s up in the mountains to the upper 80s in southern NH.

Skies are sunny for most of us as I write this a little before 6 AM, but clouds are rapidly increasing from the west ahead of the aforementioned storm system. I’d expect mostly cloudy skies for the rest of the day once these clouds arrive, though a few sunnier patches are possible especially farther east.

In news relating to Isaias, the storm has been plagued by dry air and wind shear as it has been drifting through the Bahamas over the past couple days. The upshot for us is that the storm is unlikely to approach the Carolinas as a strong hurricane, which means it won’t make it up to Maine as a weaker (but still intact) hurricane.

As a result, the threat for widespread damaging winds and destructive storm surge is now quite low. This is especially good because we haven’t had a hurricane since Bob back in 1991, and therefore there are plenty of folks in Maine and New Hampshire who have never seen what a hurricane can do up here (and Bob wasn’t all that bad of a hurricane in our area all things considered).

We will still get some impacts from Isaias, but they will be more in the form of breezy conditions, higher humidity, and heavy rain. The heavy rain may actually cause some flooding issues, especially if the storm tracks along the coast (putting the mountains on the western/rainy flank of the system). For most of us though, Isaias will pass with little impact outside of some grateful gardens. Remember, most of our region is still experiencing drought conditions, so a widespread soaking rain is welcome news!

I’ll continue to keep an eye on the forecast for Isaias, especially if it were to change and become more impactful.


One thought on “Humidity Returns Today, Isaias Looking Like Less Of An Issue For US”

  1. I remember Bob. One of the things that helped reduce damage along the shore was that it hit at dead low tide.

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