Unsettled Weather Returns Today

Hello everyone!

A frontal boundary will be sagging south through the region today, and with it will come a bit of unsettled weather. Satellite imagery shows thick low/mid clouds across much of the northern half of our area (Hanover NH->Fryeburg->Camden roughly as of 5:30 AM) this morning, and radar imagery shows a couple rounds of showers embedded within those clouds. The general idea is that both the clouds and the precipitation associated with that front will sink towards the south as we head throughout the day today.

Thankfully for those of us in the south, that process will be fairly slow. Thus most of us south of Route 2 should see at least some sunshine this morning, even if low/mid clouds are present right at sunrise. That sunshine will combine with west-southwesterly flow to produce a warm and mildly humid airmass for southern parts of the area (outside the mountains). Look for highs in the mid/upper 80s over SW NH and interior SW parts of Maine. Cooler temps, in the upper 70s to low 80s, will be found along the Midcoast where flow will be more onshore.

Thankfully, dew points in the regions where warmer temperatures are expected will remain on the lower side (55-60). Up in the mountains, high temps will generally range from the mid 60s to low 70s depending on elevation and exactly how thick the clouds can stay.

Any time we get a cold front, warm temps, and a little bit of moisture to combine in the area, we have to start thinking about thunderstorms. Today will be no exception. Expect showers and storms not already ongoing this morning to pop up west/northwest of our area around lunchtime before cruising east/southeast during the afternoon and arriving along the coastline by late afternoon/early evening.

Storm coverage will be scattered so there’s no guarantee you’ll see a storm, but if you do, expect heavy rain, lightning, and the potential for some gusty winds. Storms will be moving fast today so if you happen to be outside when they arrive, just head inside for a few minutes while the storm passes and clear skies should return soon after.


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